Oleg PopovskyCanada
Oleg Popovsky is co-founder and strategy officer for Constant Power, a Toronto-based Distributed Energy strategy consulting & solutions firm.
Prior to Constant Power, Oleg was a Director of Business & Corporate Development at SunEdison, where his international M&A and business development work converged 100’s of MWs of distributed renewable energy projects. Oleg’s corporate development initiatives spanned transformational market entrances and product offerings, resulted in key strategic alliances and significantly increased the company’s customer reach and value integration.
Prior to joining SunEdison in 2010, Oleg worked for EMC, a world leader in data storage and information management, where he held various account management and sales positions in the US and in Canada. Oleg is Board Director at American Vanadium, a vertically integrated mining and energy storage company. He is also a member of the Advisory Board for University of Toronto’s Institute for Sustainable Energy.
Oleg holds a BA & BS in International Marketing Strategy from Bentley University, he lives with his family in Toronto and enjoys collaboration opportunities with businesses, communities and academia to advance the cause for sustainable energy.
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