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We help our clients realize their most important goals by making sense of power markets, policy, and technology.

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We are a smart grid and a renewable energy full service consultancy serving leading businesses, investors, governments, and not-for-profits.
We help our clients realize their most important goals by making sense of power markets, policy, and technology.

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The renewable energy sector has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last decade. Innovations in photovoltaic, wind turbine, energy storage, and critical smart grid technologies are constantly taking place. powerpedia partners with the leading technology manufacturers, integrators, project developers, and financiers to speed up the transition to a renewable energy future.

We help you attract, train, and appoint the right candidates for the job.


We analyze everything from conceptual design to execution plan.


We help you design better energy systems and build quality projects.


Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​

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Modernizing the electric system will help nations meet the challenge of handling projected energy needs—including addressing climate change by integrating more energy from renewable sources and enhancing efficiency from non-renewable energy processes.

Advances to the electric grid must maintain a robust and resilient electricity delivery system, smart grid and energy storage technologies can play a significant role in meeting these challenges by improving the operating capabilities of the grid, lowering cost and ensuring high reliability, as well as deferring and reducing infrastructure investments. 

With a seamless integration of hardware, software, and service, a slew of new advanced energy solutions can maximize energy production and enable smarter power management to meet higher system efficiencies and serve demand with superior reliability. powerpedia has spearheaded the support of such advanced energy solution incubation and deployment to address a variety of pain points for a diverse set of customers by coupling renewable or traditional generation with adjacent technologies.

powerpedia supports independent power producers, project developers, technology manufacturers, and financiers in positioning clients to succeed in the nascent smart grid and energy storage markets. By forging technology and integration partnerships, developing both the technical and financing solution, powerpedia offers utilities and grids the ideal technical and commercial construct that address current and anticipated needs.

powerpedia’s support goes beyond improvements in renewable energy and smart grid technologies and starts touching on complementary energy services and flexible financing options that are critical to the expansion and success of any long-term resource planning.

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